1. Eligibility

    1. For a fish to be eligible it must:

      1. be either a salmon or a trout that has been caught by a contestant in Lake Hawea;
      2. have been caught after 7.00 am on the competition day;
      3. have been presented for weighing before 4.30 pm on the competition day (at tent near Lake Hawea boat ramp)
      4. not have been cleaned or frozen
      5. Must be presented in a chilled condition
    2. Only one fish per species per contestant may be entered.
    3. The judges may hold any fish submitted and may carry out any enquiries tests or checks to establish the authenticity of the entry.
    4. Prize giving commences from 6:30pm at the Lake Hawea Hotel

  2. Contestants

    1. Contestants must enter by 9am on competition day.
    2. Contestants must hold a current fishing licence.
    3. Family entries must comprise 1 – 2 related adults and 1 – 4 related juniors.
    4. Competition judges are ineligible to enter.
    5. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry.
    6. The organisers may use photographs taken during the competition and details of prize winners for publicity and promotion purposes.
  3. Rules and Regulations

    1. Contestants must comply with Freshwater Fisheries Regulations 1983 and Fish & Game New Zealand’s national and Otago regulations.
    2. Contestants must comply with The Lakes District Waterways Authority Control Bylaws 1989.
    3. Rules 3.1 and 3.2 apply to the skipper of any boat occupied by a contestant, whether that person is a competitor or not. A breach of these rules by the skipper may, at the discretion of the judges, render competitors in that boat liable for disqualification.
    4. Any person seen depositing litter in or around the lake will be disqualified.
    5. QLDC Boat Ramp fees will apply and are not covered in the entry fee.
  4. Prizes

    1. No single fish may win more than one prize except as part of Section 1 – Best Family Catch of the Day
    2. The winners in the Best Family Catch section will have the highest overall condition factor total, calculated for each Family entry as follows:
      The condition factors of all fish weighed in will be averaged by species.
    3. Each species average will then be totalled giving an overall condition factor total.
    4. The Judge’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Liability and Safety

    1. Competitors enter at their own risk.
    2. Boating hazards to look out for on Lake Hawea include:

      1. Weather/wind changes which can occur very quickly.
      2. Rocks and submerged trees if operating close to shore.
      3. Floating drift wood various sizes
      4. Fences that continue from land out into the lake.
    3. All competitors should familiarise themselves with the contents of the Queenstown Lakes District Council Waterways leaflet outlining local boating bylaws and hazards. Copies will be available on the day from the competition marquee at the Lake Hawea Holiday Park boat ramp. The organisers accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of that leaflet.
    4. Where competitors are using a boat, it is a condition of entry that the skipper ensures that:

      1. Basic safety equipment is carried on board.
      2. Sufficient lifejackets are carried on board for all boat passengers.
      3. Lifejackets are worn by everybody on board.

      Any boats not observing the above procedures may be disqualified.

    5. The organisers may cancel the competition in the event of bad weather. Non cancellation is not to be taken as a representation by the organisers that conditions are or will be suitable for fishing or boating on the lake and all competitors will fish at their own discretion and at their own risk.
    6. All health and safety incidents are to be reported to competition organisers.
    7. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any loss, accident or damage occasioned to any competitor, official or member of the public.